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Best Place To Study Abroad

The Federal Republic of Germany proportionally is a quite small country but its history as well as its actual role in the world is something special. It is not only in Europe that Germany has an important position but it is also an important international trading partner and player,concerning political and economic questions

Germany remains 'best country for international students,' above UK and France

While many prospective students tend to think of the United Kingdom and the United States first when considering where in the world they want to study - as these countries have the best institutions, according to most rankings - a new study argues that Germany is now their best bet in Europe

45 German universities feature among the world’s best

Germany is an increasingly popular study destination, and 12 of the country’s universities are in the global top 200, showcasing the high quality of education available

Earning money during your studies

There are many ways of earning money while you study, for example as waiting staff, academic assistants or private tutors. A knowledge of German will improve your chances of finding a part-time job. But please be aware of the legal regulations

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IC is a study abroad consultancy that represents institutions in whole Germany and helps allocate students in these institutions….

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In a world filled with career choices ranging from medicine to mass communications, engineering to event management, marine biology…

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IC consultancy provides you with information regarding universities throughout Europe, along with helping the students with the admission procedures,…

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