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Austria Startup Visa / Red-White-Red Business Residency

As a third-country national you can apply for a Red-White-Red Card for start-up founders if you establish a company in order to develop and launch on the market innovative products, services, processing methods or technologies  to that end submit a consistent business plan for establishing and running that company personally exert a controlling influence on the management of the…

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How To Open Blocked Account For Germany Study VISA??

After the admission letter is received, you need to take it to the Embassy to obtain a visa. But between these two events, comes a very important step, linking the two, which is providing proof that you have enough funds to finance your education. Today’s video will throw light on this issue and will guide you regarding the correct…

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How To Apply To Study In Germany || FREE Education


Students applying for higher education in Germany after having completed their bachelors and masters degrees, face a number of difficulties. To begin with, allocating and finding which university fits you best, is never an easy decision. When it comes to Germany, we can classify the universities into 2 broad categories: Universities that are completely free of cost (Public funded)….

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