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Students applying for higher education in Germany after having completed their bachelors and masters degrees, face a number of difficulties. To begin with, allocating and finding which university fits you best, is never an easy decision. When it comes to Germany, we can classify the universities into 2 broad categories:

  1. Universities that are completely free of cost (Public funded).
  2. Universities that have a fee for each program they offer (Private).
    Both of these have specific requirements for the application process. You need to make sure whether the course being offered is in English or German language and how proficient you need to be in either of the two languages to qualify for admission. Also, we have 2 semesters: summer and winter semesters. July is the deadline for the winter semester. Some universities open applications in both semesters and some only accept admissions annually, depending on the course selected. After finding out these basic details, and applying for the desired course, you proceed with document translation and email correspondence. Further ahead, on receiving the admission letter and after opening a block account, you submit the documents and wait for the visa. But it isn’t as simple at it seems. Hence, I planned to work on creating a platform t hrough IC consultancy to guide each and every one of you through all these different stages. So, all those students who’re interested please leave a message below in the comments section to find out how I may help you.
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