How To Open Blocked Account For Germany Study VISA??

After the admission letter is received, you need to take it to the Embassy to obtain a visa. But between these two events, comes a very important step, linking the two, which is providing proof that you have enough funds to finance your education. Today’s video will throw light on this issue and will guide you regarding the correct procedure to open a blocked account.  Block account cannot be opened in any bank except in UBL and Dutch Bank and online on two websites for which the links have been provided below: 1-… 2-
Opening accounts through UBL and Dutch bank, might take longer so applying online is much easier, handy and quicker.
For the online account: You begin with opening an account, after which a confirmation is received with a zero balance status. You need to use this confirmation and the enclosed IBAN number by taking it to a money exchange services outlet. Using the IBAN number at the outlet, you deposit the required amount in Euros in your online account. Once done depositing, you’ll receive another confirmation through the outlet which needs to submitted online on the website, who’ll provide you with the last confirmation with 5 6 hours that the deposited amount has been received. You’ll attach this confirmation and admission letter and other required documents and apply for the visa.
Furthermore, arrival in Germany raises another issue, which is, how does one open the account here in Germany or how to transfer the money deposited online to a local bank?
The amount you had deposited can’t be transferred all at once. After the university provides you with a confirmation letter stating that they’ve accepted you as a student and once you’ve found yourself an accommodation with a contract paper, you’re set to go!
After these two papers are ready with you, you can open an account in any local bank.
You need to provide the local bank details on the websites online. The online websites will then transfer a certain amount (around 750Euros) every month in your local account. After a year, when the deposited money is over, you may find yourself working and employed by then and so will be able to support yourself eventually.
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